I don't care how many protein bars you eat

I don't care how many protein bars you eat

My name is Jordan. I am 24 and terrible. I am from Kent in England. I make music and like Star Trek and comics and video games. Cishet white male and exactly as boring as you'd expect. I'm saving to do a Master's degree, and I have a donate button in case anyone wants to help out (which is unlikely). Hopefully I won't need it.

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and if I recover
will you be my comfort?

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  • boy: did it hurt
  • girl: [sigh] did what hurt
  • boy: breaking through the earth's crust ascending from hell


Fusion, anyone? Not quite yet, but researchers show just how close we’ve come

The dream of igniting a self-sustained fusion reaction with high yields of energy, a feat likened to creating a miniature star on Earth, is getting closer to becoming reality, according the authors of a new review article in the journal Physics of Plasmas.

Researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) engaged in a collaborative project led by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, report that while there is at least one significant obstacle to overcome before achieving the highly stable, precisely directed implosion required for ignition, they have met many of the demanding challenges leading up to that goal since experiments began in 2010.

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Pufferfish are aquatic house cats


Pufferfish are aquatic house cats

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How sheltered are you guys

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all I want is a god damned deviled egg on Easter is that too much to ask

Excuse me, I think you mean a Messiah’d egg, this is Jesus’s day.

The light was just stressing me out. I think I’m getting more and more broken as time goes by, like I would say the smallest things keep getting to me, but it’s not even the smallest things because that implies it’s minor problems that I’m overreacting to. I’m reacting negatively to completely neutral things, things that I have no reason to feel weird about, I’m so shitty, someone should just put me down.


"guess since im a white man im not allowed to have opinions"

your opinions have shaped the world we live in today not being catered to for 83.9 seconds will not fuckin kill you

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Shit is fucking sickening

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"I can’t even begin to understand women" well generally I start by treating them like individual human beings rather than a collective consciousness and then go from there

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I’m such a tit, I laugh at my own shit jokes way too much.


I keep seeing Instagram posts like “consistency is the sexiest thing a man can give me” like rly? consistency? you want him to just do the same shit day in and day out? never change? never surprise you? just be consistent? or do you mean you want honesty, loyalty? it’s not consistency you want in a man trust ✋

I want consistency.  A very specific consistency.  Soft to the touch, and yet still strong.  Doesn’t fall apart easily.  Rises to the occasion.

Yes, I’m talking about baking bread.

How long are EPs normally?  I’ve got three tracks so far, but it’s only clocking in at 7:48.





There is no escape from this. 


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